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Shaheen Afridi has good Skills of Captaincy by Ex-Skeeper Muhammad Hafeez

Previous Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez feels that Shaheen Afridi has a brilliant future as a pioneer. It just so happens, under Afridi’s administration, Lahore Qalandars secured the 2021-22 release of the PSL. Hafeez, who played under him in the PSL, was dazzled by his administration characteristics. ”He is an arising star of global cricket and he has an extraordinary authority ability. As we have found in the last PSL season, and clearly as a young person, he dealt with such a large number of things in a correct manner and ticked the greater part of the crates.

“Clearly, winning and (being) boss of that association is something uniquely amazing and great beginning for him (as a pioneer),” Hafeez told columnists in Dhaka on Tuesday where he showed up to play for Mohammedan Sporting Club in the continuous Dhaka Premier League. Afridi, however, has been playing for Pakistan across designs, and addressed his country in 36 internationals last year. Afridi additionally plays in the PSL and is booked to address the English area, Middlesex next season. So there are worries about the speed bowler’s responsibility.

”I actually accept he needs to contemplate somewhat more about his wellness and needs to ponder the heap he is putting on his body since he is playing every single game. Also, he ponders this as well, since he shouldn’t play every single game, and clearly the associations and areas, since it can split him up. I want him to enjoy all that life has to offer,” he said.

Hafeez resigned from worldwide cricket this year. The all-rounder, who assumed a vital part in Qalandars’ noteworthy win in the PSL last, noticed that he hasn’t pondered his tentative arrangements or moving into an instructing job.

”Frankly, I am giving myself smidgen of time to ponder what way I can add more worth. I’m not the person who simply hurries to anything. I will attempt to follow the interaction. On the off chance that I can do anything in future in any job to serve my country, I will settle on (it).

”I truly have no clue about what direction I will head (training job), yet as I said I will consider it. Right now, I am partaking in my cricket and giving my opportunity to my relatives and we should see the manner in which I can add esteem, since I am not a task searcher and I never needed to be a task searcher.”

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